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Sometimes you just need a legal document. With Gavel, you can have your legal documents without the hassle of retainer agreements and multiple meetings.

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We will respond to your requests very quickly. Every matter will be completed within 48 hours.

All-In-One Platform

The entire process is completed from the convenience of your electronic device. No commuting and no taking time off work to see us.

The Right Price

We are less expensive than a law office. Our business model allows us to perform our work with very little overhead. We can afford to charge less than our competitors.

Legal Documents

All your legal documents will be created by legal practitioners with law degrees. We do not use paralegals or law clerks and we will never outsource your matter.

Help and Support

Our friendly and dedicated staff will prioritize your concerns over everything else. Legal matters can be stressful and upsetting. We will do everything we can to make this process as painless as possible.

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Welcome to Gavel, an online legal platform, where your interest is our #1 priority.

Demand letters, small claims court, negotiations and more.

Demand Letter

Demand Letter

A Demand Letter is a Legal Document where we request the opposing party of the letter to change their actions to be in accordance with the law.

Pain Points

Asking someone to change their actions can be confrontational

Understanding who is right on the law can be confusing

Sometimes you may not know what the solution is

Lawyers will often charge you just to explain yourself, then charge more for your legal documents

Our Solutions

We can address your issues on your behalf without getting you involved in the confrontation

We can create clarity in the law so that everyone knows their legal expectations

We can help you find the solution that meets your needs

We charge a single flat fee for the demand letter. Our price is very competitive and you won't feel like your words are costing you.

Small Claim Court Matters

Small Claims Court

A Statement of Claim is a legal document where you explain to the Court how you have been wronged by someone and how much money you are owed to make up for it.

Pain Points

Knowing how someone wronged you and what you are owed can be complicated

Understanding the law and the legal process can be frustrating

Trials are time consuming and expensive

Trial sounds intimidating

Our Solutions

We clear up the difficulty by letting you know if you have a case

Let us clarify the law and submit your matter through the proper legal process for you

We will conduct your matter as time-efficiently as possible and at a competitive price

We will educate you in your legal case and give you the confidence to succeed


Hassle Free Pricing

Demand Letter Pricing
Demand Letter

We will communicate your situation

We will communicate your legal rights

We will communicate what we expect the opposing party to do to comply with your legal rights

We will communicate the legal consequences of not complying with the Demand Letter

We will be assertive yet professional

A Demand Letter can solve your legal matter without litigation

Small Claims Court Pricing
Claim | Defence | Counterclaim

We will communicate how you were wronged

We will communicate your legal rights

We will specify what you are owed

We will guide you through the legal process

We will submit legal forms on your behalf

We will use legal language to best illustrate your legal rights

We will solve your legal matter if the Court rules in your favour


Meet Our Happy Clients

Annie is my lawyer who is really helpful. She is helping me for small claim. I am first timer who didn't know anything. She is great help.

Komaldeep K.

Annie is my lawyer who is really helpful. She is helping me for small claim. I am first timer who didn't know anything. She is great help.

Komaldeep K.